Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Power of Love

I was sick yesterday.  Really sick. 
For the gory details, click here...

The agony and despair I felt
served a great purpose though
(well, besides the 6 pounds I lost)

It reminded me of the power of love.

The power of how just laying next to the man you love more than anyone ever can make your uncontrollable shivering subside.

The power of how holding his hand when you feel like you can't take the pain anymore makes it somehow seem bearable.

The power of how just his presence makes you feel safer, more secure, more "well"...

Daddy H and I have always had a deep connection.

One of those things I can't explain. 

We just "fit".

Many people have said over the years that we don't seem like a match, but they are wrong. 
We are a match in what really matters. 

He loves me unconditionally. 
No matter what I look like,
how much I weigh,
what mood swings I may have,
or what I forget to do,
he loves me.

I feel the exact same way about him.  I can't imagine life without him.  Not even for a minute.

But it's so much more than just an emotion of "love"... an intangible "feeling"...

Our love is power.

In the rush of everyday life, I had forgotten just how much power there is in his touch. 
In the strength of his hands and the way I feel so safe and secure in his arms. 

I had forgotten all of this... Until I got sick. 

After hours of pain and cold chills, I decided to climb into bed closer to him and guess what?!?! The shivering stopped.  The pain subsided temporarily.  I felt calm. All because he held me.

For as long as we've been married (almost 12 years now -- gasp!) he's always been able to make me feel better.  Sometimes it's a joke, or a hug, or just the fact that I know he'd kick anyone's butt if I asked him to...

The most wonderful thing, however, is how his touch can heal me. 

That's the power of love.  At least for me. 

Thanks, Daddy H.  I love you!

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