Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yesterday morning, Daddy H was putting the finishing touches on our fence.
As I was cleaning, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.
Throughout the last week and a half, no less than five of our neighborhood "guys" have come over to help Daddy H with the fence...
And it struck me...
How blessed are we to live in a neighborhood
  • neighbors actually know each other
  • neighbors look out for your kids when they are riding bikes
  • neighbors volunteer to help with each other's home improvement projects
  • neighbors spend evenings in each other's backyards just because...
  • neighbors overall get along so well with each other

I'd say we are pretty blessed in this area, and since we don't have any family nearby, our neighbors (and friends for that matter) are even more special to us.

Now, don't get me wrong... our neighborhood isn't anywhere near perfect!

Just like any other neighborhood,
we've got

  • HOA issues
  • nosy neighbors
  • complainers who criticize others
  • gossipers who only make themselves look like fools...

But I simply refuse to waste my time focused on THOSE people
when so many of my neighbors are SO AMAZING!

We are SO blessed!

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  1. You ARE blessed. We speak with one neighbor and its just hi and bye...he has offered to help Jeff a few times when he really needs it! I dreamed of a neighborhood like that.


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