Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sometimes "Thanks" Isn't Enough...

Last night, I had the most horrible
dream nightmare...

My family and I
were being held
by terrorists...

In our own home...

In my dream,
we were at their
being forced to
do whatever
they wanted us to do...
(which I won't go into detail about,
but let's just say that obviously
some of the episodes of Law and Order: SVU
came into play...)

It was a

When I woke up this morning
and told Daddy H about it
it got me thinking
about how grateful
I am to live in the
United States of America...

You see,
just because of the simple fact
that we live in the USA,
we can know
without a doubt
that my dream nightmare
will never become reality...

We are soooooo

Daddy H was a Marine when we met
in 1995...

something I thought was "cool"
at the ripe old age of 19

as a 33-year old mother
and wife,
I realize that it's not so much
as it is
brave, and

not to mention
the indescribable sacrifice
Marines (and all other members of our Armed Forces)
(as well as their families)
every single day
just so we can all
enjoy our freedom...

When was the last time
we gave thanks?

Whether we agree
with the war or the president
or any of the associated politics
doesn't matter...

This much is true...
 there are thousands upon thousands
sons, fathers, brothers, uncles,
cousins, and nephews
giving of themselves
each and every day
just so you and I can sleep
and work
and worship
and do what we do
in peace.

"Thanks" just doesn't seem like
nearly enough for
what they've given already and
what some will give
today, tomorrow,

Daddy H's AAV
Amphibious Assault Vehicle

2D AAVBN -- Daddy H's Battalion
Camp Lejune, NC

But "thanks" is all we can say...

So, my question is this...

What can we DO
to show our "thanks"???

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