Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sunday Seven

Since I didn't get around to the Saturday Seven yesterday, here goes...

1. Our great neighbors MK and J who came over and watched football and ate dinner with us last night... Myddle and Babee H say "thanks" especially for the "deb-bulled" eggs!

2. I finally let the cat out of the bag at work that we are going to try to sell our house and move the beach this spring/summer... all went well and I am very grateful for that!

3. No one in my house needs bottles and/or diapers anymore... I have been thankful for it for a long time, but it is time I put it in writing... HALLELUJAH!

4. Reconnecting with my old college roommate and learning that she and her family are living near where we are hoping to move to this spring! :-)

5. Sleeping in until 9am two days in a row! Awesome!

6. The fact that Bigg H and Myddle H are now old enough to play with Daddy H and I online at Pogo... SO FUN! (And Bigg H actually beats me at our new favorite game, Shuffle Bump)

7. My house is clean... kitchen, bathrooms, tv room, bedrooms... the toy room will be clean before we go to bed tonight...

So, now that you know my top SEVEN things I am grateful for, what are YOU most grateful for this weekend?


  1. I am greatful for the fact my kids slept till 9 a.m.! Yes even Aubrey the child that doesn't sleep!

  2. That I have hardwood floors that my 18 month old chose to vomit on instead of the carpet.

    Seriously, I am thankful for my sweet children and husband.

  3. Amen.. there is nothing better than a clean bathroom ;)

  4. I am thankful for your posts! I am also thankful for the 20-30 minutes I have each night to play online while Daddy bathes J.


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