Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday's Thing

Each Thursday, I will list one THING I am thankful for.

Today, I am thankful for HEAT.

My house is warm tonight even though it is cold outside (33 degrees to be exact). However, I am able to sit here in my kitchen wearing a t-shirt and cotton pants and I am comfortable. And warm.

You see, it wasn't all that many years ago that Daddy H and I were brand-new parents of Bigg H. We lived in a house we rented from his boss, one that we couldn't afford to heat all at once.

So... we bought a few space heaters, hung blankets up on Bigg H's bedroom and our bedroom doors to "trap" the heat, and heated just those two spaces. We didn't heat the bathroom unless we were using it at the time. (Talk about a cold butt in the morning!)

Daddy H worked long hours that winter, so I was home with Bigg H alone most of the time. After I finished teaching school for the day and picked Bigg H up from the babysitter, we'd drive home with the heat in the car CRANKED up WAY TOO HIGH... When we got home, I'd sprint out of the car with Bigg H and through the cold, and into our bedroom, immediately turning on the heater. I'd wrap Bigg H up in blankets and hold him so he'd stay warm until the room heated up. Then we'd stay and play and watch some television until Daddy H got home.

Then, he'd watch Bigg H while I went into the ice-cold kitchen to cook some dinner... in my winter coat. We ate it in the bedroom where it was warm, but doing dishes was a gigantic, cold, PAIN in the booty. (But at least we did have a dishwasher...)

Sometimes it seems like that part of our life was a long time ago, but the fact is that it was only 6 years ago.

So, tonight, I am thankful for how we have been blessed over and over again and so glad to have HEAT.


  1. GMTA! I had a post I was drafting about Thanksgiving Thursday where I was inviting other blogger friends to post every Thursday about the things they are thankful for. Check out my top post for today.

    And, HEAT is a wonderful thing to be thankful for!

  2. Just stopping by from SITS. The picture of your kids is so cute. Stop by my blog anytime. You will love blogging!

  3. this is such an awesome blog...and heat is definitely one of those things we don't even think twice about until we lose power or we have to do without and we're freeeeeeezing our buns off!!

    so remembering to be grateful for it is truly a good thing =)

  4. I had forgotten about your house when Bigg H was born. I remember those days. I have become too busy to remember "how things were" and often to self-absorbed in the many things I have going on to be grateful for how far we have all come. I am proud of you and the things that you have accomplished.

  5. Visiting via SITS (thanks for the comment, BTW). Oh, I remember those "early" days - when my hubby made a Raymond Barone-style comment about my "Feta Chicken" - that the could eat it everyday. It was so cheap that we had it all the time. Remembering when steak was a treat!

  6. Hey mamah, I'm just testing here.

  7. Finally: success at posting a comment. Don't know why that was such a chore.
    Anywho just had to comment on this post as I am sitting her WITHOUT heat!! I think the thermostat is broken. It is 60 degrees in here. Not horrible, but not too pleasant either.
    It is crazy to look back on those early days of marriage eh? I remember driving around town thinking if I only had $1.87 to buy some Q-tips, everything would be OK...


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