Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Today was an overall great day...

That makes Two for Tuesday easy!

Today, I am most grateful for:

1. Bills. Yep. That's right, our bills.

Actually, no so much the actual bills, as the fact that I am able to actually pay them all on time.

There have been many months where I had to make some tough decisions about who was going to get paid and who wasn't.

It is nice to be in a place where, as much as I don't enjoy it, I am able to pay all of our bills for the month.

In a struggling economy such as ours, that is truly a blessing a lot of people would be grateful for.

So I should be, too.

2. Rain.

This one I would usually not be grateful for.

Sure, the plants need rain, we need rain, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Today's rain was what my dad would have called a frog strangler.

It was a good, solid, steady raining day. Rain is not my favorite weather condition.

However, since it is January 6 and I live in South Carolina, I am grateful that today we had RAIN, not snow or ice.

Because that much snow/ice would wreak havoc here.

Like no bread or milk at the store havoc.

Like people upside down in their redneck-mobile-on-the-side-of-the-road havoc.

Like no stores, schools, gas stations, offices, or roads open for one week havoc.

So, repeat after me... Rain is good, people, rain is good.

There you have it. What TWO things are YOU grateful for TODAY?


  1. Aubrey- Though clingy at times and very much a thorn in my side she is just sooo lovable...Esp when she calls MUUUUUMMMMMMMM across the house:)

    Trevor- My intelligent boy...Who makes me laugh with all his women...He told me today he forgot to tell Allison(his BFF) he loved her today he was so upset!

  2. oh! oh! oh!
    I have a Trevor I'm thankful for, too!...my youngest (at 13 and a half) who is also extremely intelligent.

    and then, since I have 2 other kids, I'm counting the two of them as the other thing I'm thankful for. (can I do that?) they're all unbelievably awesome!

  3. Thanks for swinging by my blog!

    It is raining cats, dogs, and small children here in the big GA, but I suppose I should be grateful. After all, I am going to save money when I can just swim or row a boat to the store. lol!


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